Most Popular American Airlines Jobs: Flight Attendant Positions

American Airlines JobsUntil I became a flight attendant, I really did not know what I was missing. If you have ever thought about this career, learn more about it because you just might fall in love like I did. As one of the American airlines jobs that are always needed, you will be in high demand. Flight attendants who are good at their jobs command top salaries and the most coveted territories in the world.

Duties of a flight attendant include helping passengers find their seat and stow carry on baggage, reviewing safety information, providing food and beverages, and otherwise ensuring a comfortable flight. In the slim and unfortunate chance of an emergency, the flight attendant helps passengers and fellow crew members deal with the situation. These people are not just smiling faces thrown onto a plane- they are skilled professionals who take their job seriously, and one of the most important American Airlines jobs.  



American Airlines Jobs Pay Really Well

There is also a glamorous aspect to being a flight attendant. These individuals travel around the globe and often meet famous and high-ranking people. They may be in Milwaukee one night and Milan the next but wherever they are, they provide services and guidance designed to make a flight passenger more comfortable. Young children flying alone often look to a flight attendant as a temporary caregiver during a long trip. These are my favorite passengers, as they are very interested in what I do for a living and are some of the more rewarding aspects of airline jobs.

Having a bachelor’s degree helped me one of these coveted American Airlines jobs, though it is not required. Some people in my flight attendant training program had a flight attendant certification but that also was not required. Most of the training is provided on the job so flight attendants do not need any specific industry knowledge.

The interviewing process for jobs hiring now in this profession is long and arduous. It involves several rounds of interviews prior to being accepted to a training program. During the training, instructors do some additional weeding out of candidates and some people drop out. Those who make it through are well-prepared to handle any situation they may encounter without breaking a sweat.  

If you have always dreamed of having a job you love, start exploring your options. People who like dealing with the public and having a small group of co-workers may enjoy American Airlines jobs such as a flight attendant. Multi-tasking abilities, grace under pressure, and a positive attitude are three attributes every good flight attendant has, no matter what the task. If you are going to apply for a job, then why not do so with the best. Fill out an American Airlines job application and make your dreams come true.

American Airlines Jobs Feature Great Benefits

American Airlines JobsEmployment benefits were not the reason I accepted the position as an American Airlines customer service representative but I have come to rely on them. Though some American Airline jobs are far more glamorous, it pays the bills and is internally rewarding. I help people get from one place to another, providing assistance when they are frustrated, stressed, and in a hurry. At the end of the day, I know I have satisfied more than a few customers and done my best.

American Airlines Jobs Benefits

It was not until I received my employment offer that the benefits package really hit home. I receive free flights on the airline, as do my husband, children, and parents. This benefit starts on the first day of employment, which is great for anyone with parents who live out of town. My parents fly out whenever they can because they love to take care of the kids while I am at work. Can you think of any jobs hiring now with better benefits than American Airlines jobs? 



I also get buddy passes for my friends and family members who do not qualify for dependent travel benefits. Based on the hours I work, I earn up to four passes each quarter. As an employee, I receive discounted travel with other air carriers and discounts at theme parks, hotels, and rental car agencies. This provides me with the freedom to take the family on a nice vacation to Disney World every year.

In addition to a 401(k) plan, my employer provides a profit sharing account and makes a sizable contribution to it each year. We also have the option to purchase shares of airline stock at a discounted price. Our health benefits are excellent and include medical, dental, vision, life, long-term disability, pre-tax spending accounts, and much more.

Whenever I want to learn something new, there is plenty of opportunity available. American Airlines jobs offer an in-house training facility and access to personal development classes. My employer values promotion from within and advertises all open positions online through the employee Intranet. Throughout the year, fundraisers and special programs allow us to bond while having some fun.  

American Airlines jobs involve hard work but they also include plenty of fun. We learn, laugh, and grow alongside each other and nothing is better than seeing one of our co-workers be promoted. Even though an airline is a huge operation, it just feels like a big family. There is nowhere I would rather spend my days and I plan to be a long-term employee. Grab an American Airlines job application today.